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Dew Lab Studio for Delphi

Dew Lab Studio is an object oriented, multithreaded, vectorized, 64bit, Open CL enabled numerical library
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30 September 2015

Editor's review

This is a set of mathematical libraries for Delphi environment.

Dew Lab Studio for Delphi is an extensive numerical solution for Delphi environment. This library includes multiple specialized numerical libraries. For example, the MtxVec is for matrix and vector based calculations. DSP Master library provides advanced digital signal processing functions. Stats Master is for statistical functions, and the Data Miner is for data classification. The library also includes a license for Steema TeeChart library. If you are developing precision, numerical applications that need the library support as described, one or more modules of this library will be a useful addition. MtxVec object oriented numerical library for Delphi and .NET provides developers with complete matrix/vector arithmetic support. A large set of vectorized mathematical functions covering complex numbers, sparse matrices, math parser, probabilities, optimization unit, SVD, QR, LQ, and LU solvers, special functions, etc. are included. CPU-specific code optimization and symmetric multiprocessing can be utilized when needed. Memory and CPU cache enhancements built-in can improve performance.

DSP functions made available include IIR filter designs with Butterworth, Chebyshev, elliptic, Bessel responses and FIR filters with window, Remez exchange are available. Frequency analyzer, cross spectral analyzer, higher-order spectral analyzer, signal generator, arbitrary rate convertors, streaming pipelines, audio playback and recording, ASIO audio drivers, fractional delay filters, signal forecasting, read/write audio file support are included as part of 40 odd functions provided. The Stats Master includes functions needed most often such as 21 different distributions (PDF, CDF and inverse CDF function), mean and variance for all of them, random generators for 18 distributions, parameter estimate for beta, binomial, exponential, gamma, geometric, normal, Poisson, continuous uniform and Weibull distributions, histograms, Ogives nth-Moment, percentile, range, Interquertile Range IQR, mean, harmonic mean, goodness-of-fit tests, etc. The classifier algorithms included in Data miner include KNN and Naive Bayes plus a new algorithm named Linear Classifier. This is a very good product for developers.

Publisher's description

Dew Lab Studio includes MtxVec math library and additional signal analysis (DSP Master) and statistical analysis (Stats Master) add-on packages.
Features include:
- fast object oriented numerical/matrix library
- Intel AVX 1/2, AVX-512, SSE4, Open CL and 64bit support enabled.
- optional full source build path for cross-platform support.
- super conductive memory manager allows linear scaling with number of CPU cores.
- LAPACK 3.4 based
- Complete support for complex numbers for all functions.
- Rich set of matrix and vector functions and operators.
- Solver for banded sparse matrices, Iterative sparse solvers, Direct sparse solver for non-symmetric matrices. Conversions support Banded, Dense, Sparse and Triplets matrix formats
- 23 probability distributions (PDF, CDF and inverse CDF function), special functions, optimization routines, random generators and distribution parameter estimation.
- fast vectorized math expression parser and evaluator
- 1D and 2D FFT's, correlations and autocorrelations.
- arbitrary functions of matrix including square root of matrix and logarithm of matrix
- optimized integer math library.
- generalized Eig and SVD values
- sparse matrix eigenvalues for symmetric and generalized symmetric matrices
- Descriptive statistics
- Hypothesis testing
- Weighted/unweigted linear and multiple linear regression.
- Weighted/unweighted non-linear regression
- Time series analysis (ARMA, ARIMA, ARAR, MA, AR, ...)
- PCA, multivariante analysis, ...
Signal processing
- IIR filters (Cheybshev I-II, Butterworth and Elliptic).
- FIR filters (Remez and Kaiser) with complete filter design support.
- Signal forecasting
- Standard and extended Kalman filters.
- Spectral analysis, cross/bi spectral analysis
- Conversions between forms of transfer function
- Audio rec/playback with ASIO/WASAPI.
- interpolated FIR filters, DCT/IDCT
- real factor high accuracy fast rate conversion
Dew Lab Studio for Delphi
Dew Lab Studio for Delphi
Version 2015.R3
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